Luke Reid
Title Paramedic
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Affiliation Hope Zion
Parents Frank J. Reid (father; deceased)
Martha Reid (mother; deceased)
Family Douglas "Doug; Dougie" Reid (brother)
Jasper "JJ" Reid (brother)
Alex Reid (sister Deceased)
Luke Reid-Harris (nephew)
Charlotte Harris (niece)
Portrayed by Tyler Hynes
Last Appearances Wishbones season 2 episode 10

Lucas "Luke" Reid was a paramedic and brother to Dr. Alex Reid. He was played by Tyler Hynes. Luke was an alcoholic that had a questionable problem with drugs sometime before he entered the show. We meet Luke after he is in jail and calls Alex to bail him out.

Death caused by: 40ft fall trying to save a suicidal man


  • His sister Alex named her son after him.