Heather Day
Heather Day - S1 E6 The Great Randall (1)
Heather Day in 'The Great Randall'


Heather Day






Mrs. Day (Mother)

Portrayed By

Joanna Douglas

First Appearance

The Great Randall

Heather Day is a female patient at Hope-Zion Hospital and the daughter of Mrs. Day.


Heather suffered from delusions, which she would use everyday situations to fit into conspiracies. She fell down some stairs and injured her neck. Heather ended up in Hope-Zion, where she was examined by Dr. Maggie Lin who ordered an X-ray. Heather was rhyming so Maggie called in Dr. Gavin Murphy . She became unstable and started throwing things around the E.R., so she was detained and sedated. Her mother arrived but did not want any help from Dr. Murphy as nothing in the past had helped. Dr. Murphy talked to Heather and told her that he believed she would benefit from talk therapy with him and then use a sensory trick to cure her dystonia. Heather agreed to meet with D. Murphy weekly and begin taking risperidone. Later Heather was arrested and brought back to the hospital.