Emanuel Palmer
Title Doctor (MD)
Name Emanuel Palmer
Nickname Manny
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Radiologist and thoracic surgeon
Affiliation Hope Zion Hospital
Relationships Alex Reid (kissed)
Family Unnamed sister
Portrayed by Jarod Joseph
First Appearances "Doctor Dustiny"
Last Appearances "All Our Yesterdays"
Emanuel "Manny" Palmer is a former radiologist and thoracic surgeon at Hope Zion Hospital. He developed a friendship and brief flirtation with Alex Reid.

Biography Edit

Manny is a deeply spiritual doctor. He initially had intended to become a priest, but chose a different path after his faith was shaken by the inability to save his brother from a life of addiction.

He first meets Alex when she comes to Hope Zion's chapel looking for a priest for her dying patient. Manny agrees to help in his place (Season 5, Episode 1). They soon form a friendship and Manny provides company and support for Alex as she deals with her break up from Charlie Harris and her questions about her path in life. Together they perform several surgeries that are dangerous both for the patients and their own careers. This includes sneaking out of the hospital together while on call to save a young girl from Manny's church youth group (Season 5, Episode 4).

Manny and Alex's relationship develops into a flirtation and they share a kiss after a particularly harrowing case (Season 5, Episode 5). However, the two are never really able to connect and the relationship does not go any further.

Manny wrestles with the decision to leave Hope Zion after recieving a job offer in his hometown of Detroit. At first he is reluctant to accept because he believes he might have a chance with Alex. When he realizes this is not the case, he takes the new job to be close to his sister and her family (Season 5, Episode 9).