Doug Reid
Doug Reid in "Change of Heart"
Name Doug Reid
Nickname Dougie
Gender Male
Status Alive
Parents Martha Reid (mother Deceased)
Frank Reid (father Deceased)
Family Alex Reid (sister Deceased)
Luke Reid (brother Deceased)
Jasper Reid (brother)
Portrayed by Ben Bass
First Appearances "Change of Heart"
Doug "Dougie" Reid is the older brother of Alex Reid, Luke Reid, and Jasper Reid.

Background Edit

When his father committed suicide, Doug (then only 12 years old) essentially became the 'man of the house.' However, his mother, Martha, was an alcholic and their relationship became strained. Over the years, Doug himself developed a drinking problem and had very little contact with his family.

Season 5 Edit

After the death of their mother, Alex sends Charlie Harris and Shahir Hamza to fetch Doug for the funeral. Doug is resistant to the idea of reconnecting with his sister. He lashes out at her and accuses her of letting Martha die. Later, however, he reveals that his anger is due to the fact that he did not have a chance to repair his relationship with his mother: she reached out to him not long before her death, but he put off the reunion. As a way of making it up to his family, Doug secures a replacement location for Martha's funeral after Alex's plans fall through. Alex is grateful to him and glad to have him back in her (and her children's) life. Together, they honor Martha's memory with a fireworks display. (Season 5, Episode 10, "Change of Heart)